The Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine's appeal to the world


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has issued an appeal to the entire world to engage in practical solidarity with the Palestinian cause. The PFLP has sent the statement to DIP (Revolutionary Workers Party) as well as other organisations around the world and we are publishing it here in full support of the appeal.  

The Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine conveys its deepest condolences to the Palestinian families of every heroic martyr who has sacrificed their life in steadfastness and dignity, in the honorable and ongoing battle for freedom.

The Zionist, colonial state continues to exert its utmost power to eradicate our people. Most recently, Zionist Occupation Forces committed a horrific massacre of more than 600 people, in a cowardly, targeted bombing of the Baptist hospital (Al-Ahli hospital) on 17 October 2023. And still, this colonial power enacts and publicly advocates for the continuation of the ethnic cleansing of our homeland. We stand witness to sickening and unwavering military and political support from global imperialist powers, making them accomplices in the ongoing genocide of our people.

Today, our struggle for liberation and freedom has never been more urgent. We fiercely assert our right to resist and put an end to seven decades of colonization, unimaginable suffering, degradation, and slaughter. We hereby refuse the criminalization of our political action and resistance, we refuse the discriminatory anti-Palestinian attacks against our free spirits. The evident double-standard approach to our resistance in comparison to other people such as, the people of Ukraine is despicable. Every step we take in this battle is a commitment to achieving victory, and obliterating the colonial interests that perpetuate this injustice. Our freedom and dignity are not negotiable. We shall either live in freedom or stand unyielding in our resistance, regardless of the sacrifice.

The PFLP calls upon all individuals of conscience worldwide to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle against hegemony and colonialism. Our battle serves as an inspiring example for all oppressed people on this planet. Our struggle embodies the determination to overcome all forms of oppression, dominance, and injustice.

The PFLP urges all liberation movements, political parties, unions, activists, and individuals worldwide with a sense of justice to exhaust every action against the Zionist state, its affiliates and supporters, to show tangible support for Palestine and the Palestinian people. We must be the voice for those who have been silenced, including every child who has been lost and every political prisoner who endures suffering behind bars. Our resistance is the only just course of action. We will not idly watch while our people are killed and tormented, and we will not remain passive in the face of ongoing ethnic cleansing. Our people have the inalienable right to live in safety and dignity.

The time to act is now; we call upon all movements around the world to set aside all your differences and disputes and focus on acting in unity, until we achieve victory and the right of return. Over 11 million refugees have been dreaming of returning to their homeland, and that day is not distant. Our freedom will prevail as long as we remain committed to our just cause, bringing an end to the suffering of our people and the protection of our sacred land.

We fight to live in liberty, we resist for our very existence. Our fellow comrades, your freedom is intertwined with the dismantling of colonial hegemony and all those who collaborate with it. Let us unite to end the massacres against our people and the pain endured by every mother and child who has lost their lives in the pursuit of freedom. Let us honor our martyrs by continuing the fight they believed in and gave everything for, paving the way for a free Palestine and liberated people